In 2002, a junior English major decided to take action; The Catholic University of America had no outlet for student artists to grow in their craft and express their talents. One year later, Joseph Price and a group of fellow student artist founded CRUX Magazine for the Creative Arts and we’ve been growing ever since. Now celebrating our 12th anniversary we are the longest surviving creative arts magazine at this University. And, instead of letting old age catch up to us, we are still expanding.


CRUX tries to give a platform to any-and-every artist and so we plan events, organize lecture series, host distinguished artists (some of them Pulitzer Prize winners), take trips into the DC arts scene, hold contests, develop campus wide initiatives, and of course, publish the annual magazine, so that we might create a nurturing and dynamic environment for CUA artists.


Over these past twelve years our mission has been to keep art alive at CUA (a task much harder than it sounds). But ultimately, it is the students, faculty, staff, and alumni that decide the culture of this University; all we offer is our modest assistant. We can only be the “culmination of creativity” because you, our fellow artists and art lovers, allow us to be.